Roto-Gro Systems

All of Our Roto-Gro Models Are Designed for Bigger Yields.

No matter which model you choose, all of our systems are designed from the ground up with one key thing in mind: bigger yields.

Bigger yields mean more profits for your business. When using Roto-Gro systems over traditional growing systems not only will your yields be bigger, you will save in space and electricity.

Both 420-R and 420-IT Are Equipped with the following features:
  • 4 – 600 watt hps lamps and ballasts
  • 420 plant capacity
  • Pump and reservoir
  • 240v – 48”w / 96”d / 64”h to 172”h
  • Model 420 is stackable x 3 (172”h)
  • Self Contained
  • Quick Assembly
  • Durable Construction


How the Roto-Gro System Works

The Roto-Gro System is a hydroponic vertical growing system that produces products in a tightly controlled environmental system that optimises the use of electricity, water, feeding resources and floor space. A unique level of control over the inputs into the plants’ environment is made possible by the machine’s configuration.

The Roto-Gro System is based on a flood and drain system. Plants are inserted in trays via rockwool cubes or customised baskets which are secured in the “quick drain trays”. The trays are then placed inside a circular wheel. The unit is motorised and the trays revolve 24 hours a day around centre-fixed lamps.

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